Couple fakes cruise vacation after anniversary trip was canceled due to coronavirus outbreak

Norma and Dave Trill had planned to celebrate their 53rd wedding anniversary on a 10-day cruise. However, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the voyage was canceled and the couple was forced to stay home.

But that didn’t keep the 74-year-olds, who live in Melbourne, Australia, from enjoying their special day.

In a video posted by the couple’s daughter Jane, the pair are seen relaxing in bathrobes and sunglasses with their feet up, drinking wine and gazing out on the crystal blue ocean on their television – where two rolls of toilet paper, what appears to be a Minion wearing sunglasses, and a bottle of hand sanitizer also sit, to help the couple really feel as if they were on a cruise.

In the clip, the couple paused during their dreamy viewing experience to clink glasses.

“Cruise cancelled? No problem,” Jane wrote on Facebook, where the 18-second video racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Jane originally hatched the plan, thinking it would be “cheer them up.”

“They canceled their trip due to the coronavirus and we thought we would cheer them up by simulating the trip using a YouTube video of the ocean and they dressed in their usual cruising attire,” Jane told Storyful, the New York Post reported. “We laughed for ages over it and it really lifted our spirits. [We were] rolling on the floor laughing.”

Those on Facebook shared in the couple’s humor.

“Love it, looks very relaxing,” one person joked.

“Awesome,” another commented with a series of laugh-cry emoji.

Those on Twitter were equally as tickled, and took time to wish the lovebirds a happy anniversary.

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